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Covington Continues its Support of the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra

On April 28, 2018, Covington Investment Advisors sponsored the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra (WSO) Concert titled “Fauré Requiem”.

At Covington, not only do we strive to meet our clients’ financial goals, we also focus on making a difference in our community.  Fostering creativity in our schools is the key to continued growth and success for children and Covington is passionate about helping our children. Recognizing the diminishing arts programs in our schools and the many societal challenges that we face, we have felt compelled to do something about that. And so, we have been underwriting music and art programs in our community through our business and family foundations, some of which are facilitated through the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra.

This year Covington Investment Advisors, Inc., through the WSO, has established an award to recognize the private music teachers in our community to give long overlooked recognition for their impact on our children through their work in teaching music.  It occurred to me what a profound impact these music teachers are having on the development of our children through music. The first reward recipient is Leslie Nemeth, a piano teacher from Ligonier.

Some years ago, through my involvement serving as a board member of the D’Angelo School of Music at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania, I had the privilege of meeting some of the greatest performers in music; Placido Domingo, Joan Sutherland, Marilyn Horne and many others, but none of those experiences matched the impact I see through Leslie Nemeth’s Spring Concert held at the Ligonier Town Hall with her students each year.

Watching the development of her students firsthand and seeing the developmental impact she is having on our children and realizing the connections they are making through music which allows them to succeed in so many facets of life has been so much more impactful.

It is important that we recognize the passion, dedication and societal impact individuals such as Leslie Nemeth have had and are having on our youth.  In what seems to be more of a tribal selfie driven world, there are actually children taking another path fostered through these teachers of music; a path of discipline, manners, inspiration, positive cognitive development and pure joy.

Covington plans to continue its support of the WSO and the symphony’s associated educational programs. Further information is available on the WSO website or by contacting Mr. Endicott Reindl at 724-837-1850.

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